“I met Karen when my son was just turning three.  He was diagnosed with autism at age two.  I was petrified of his IEP meeting.  She met with me and held my hand throughout the process.  She explained, in detail, everything I needed to know.  She also explained things I didn’t know I needed to know.” “She has extensive knowledge and approaches the educational system from a legal perspective.  Thanks to Karen my son was awarded a 1:1 aide and his goals are very precise and measurable.  I will continue to seek her support and am thankful and blessed to know her.  I recommend her to everyone I meet who is confused and concerned for their special needs children’s education.”

G. Riley, parent

“She not only provided excellent medical care to Joanna, but she continually sought to educate herself and others in order to be the absolute best advocate possible for her daughter.”  “Karen truly stands out as not only an exceptional parent, caregiver and advocate, but as a truly extraordinary human being.”

Steven Boas, MD, FAAP
Assoc. Professor of Pediatrics
Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

“Karen, through her faith and dedication, met every challenge and became her daughter’s biggest advocate.  She negotiated the difficult and confusing path through different medical sub-specialties, as well as the sometimes more confusing bureaucracy it came with.  She also lobbied persistently, skillfully, and successfully for her daughter’s proper education and care in her school district.”  “In short, Karen Belcher has invaluable experience and insight- both as a parent and an advocate- that would be of benefit to anyone dealing with the issues and challenges of a child with special needs.”

Jihad I. Shoshara, MD, FAAP