As a parent of an adoptive, special needs child, I’ve had the education of a lifetime in the last thirteen years.   Even with training as an educational surrogate and all the courses along the way, the practical “hard knocks” education has been the most valuable.  My daughter, who we adopted at age 5, started out in a inclusion setting and ended in residential out-of-state care.  Along the way, she transitioned into a self-contained classroom and a therapeutic placement with some homeschooling thrown in along the way.  My passion is to serve families so they can get the best possible education for their children by sharing what I’ve learned along that journey.  Making my fees more affordable*, my services are accessible to those who might not be able to afford representation but desperately need it.

*Consultation $100 for up to 2 hours phone/in-person (no travel/mileage charges), with subsequent hours billed at $60 (t0-from travel time is charged).  All services same low price!  Full contract available upon request.